Food and nature photography by Andrew Commins.

© Huan Soontaree.  All rights ​reserved.

Master Lightroom Garden-4


Master Lightroom Garden-14

05 Chiang Mai ham and papaya salad

10 Salmon sashimi salad 3

Master Lightroom Garden-26

06 Fresh water Murrel fish or Red Devil Tilapia or Sea bass in orange sour and spicy soup

Master Lightroom Garden-3


06 Lanna style roast beef and gravy 2

21 Local vegetable soup with dried fish 2

07 Apple and prawn salad

13 Sour pork fried with eggs and glass noodles

Family Matters

Soontaree and her oldest son Andrew.

10 Minced pork with herbs

muang mai market mangostien lightroom

05 Hunglay sweet pork curry

Master Lightroom Garden-21

10 Prawn tempura in light bread crumbs


Meet the Legend

Take a glimpse into Soontaree's world at her Chiang Mai restaurant.

01 Salmon sashimi with lime sauce

06 Stuffed bamboo shoots tempura

09 Traditional Loas salad with mint - beef or pork or chicken

04 Fresh cucumber salad

01 'Signature Dish' - Boneless fresh water Murrel fish stuffed with pork and crab copy

Master Lightroom Garden-9

Som Tum Strawberry 2

Lanna Commins

Lanna live on stage at Huan Soontaree.

Som Tum Soft Shell Crab 1

lychee margerita lightroom

Doi Sutep

Jaran keeps an eye on Soontaree's kids back in the 80's.

04 Ruby mango sticky rice

01 Ripe mango coconut rice

The Shining Stars

Lanna and Soontaree have been integral to Thailand's music industry but have always remained true to their roots.

03 Chiang mai bolognese dip with pork crackling

Master Lightroom Garden-7

09 Marinated pork loin with lime and chilli sauce

02 Fresh grilled squid with citrus sauce

03 Steamed prawns, seaweed, and glass noodles in light gravy

03 Tom Yum with Prawns Small or Large

02 Green chilli paste and pork crackling

12 Special mountain mushroom

Warm Welcome

Take a journey to Northern Thailand. Discover what the real Chiang Mai feels like.

01 Tom Kha coconut soup with chicken or prawns - Small or Large

Soontaree Live

Come and listen to Chiang Mai's crown jewel.

04 Tender beef with red chilli paste and steamed vegetables

Master Lightroom Garden-1

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03 Steamed prawns, seaweed, and glass noodles in light gravy