Meet the Team

Andrew Commins

The Dude and the Chef

The leader of the Huan Soontaree organisation whom is also Khun Soontaree's eldest son. Andrew is currently guiding the restaurant through a transition and a progressive make-over. Under his vision and philosophy, he is shaping Huan Soontaree into an elite brand and has brought in a fresh and exciting culinary experiences.

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Soontaree Vechanont

Founder and Musician

Soontaree Vechanont is the founder and mother of Huan Soontaree. Establishing the restaurant in 1997, it has always been one of the front runners of riverside restaurants with live music. All though now semi-retired, Khun Soontaree still performs her live music concerts 3 times a week at the restaurant.

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Lanna Commins

Chief Financial Officer and Musician

Lanna Commins is second in command in the Huan Soontaree organisation and is Khun Soontaree's youngest daughter. Her roles are diverse and complex as she not only performs live musical concerts 3 nights in a  week, Lanna over looks Huan Soontaree's entire financial sector.

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Chef Yot

Chef Yot is our most experienced Northern Thai cook. As one of our longest serving team members, Chef Yot has been with the Huan Soontaree team for over 10 years. His knowledge and passion for Lanna style food plays a paramount role in the Huan Soontaree food adventure.

Senior Sous Chef

Chef Pa Boy

Chef Pa Boy is more of a magician than a chef. Her creations and knowledge on flavour is unrivalled in the cooking world. A true master with natural herbs and balancing flavours, Huan Soontaree is very lucky to have such a Master Chef on-board.

Sous Chef

Pla Too

Pla Too plays an integral role at Huan Soontaree. He is the keeper of the restaurant and keeps everything in working order. He is Andrew Commins' right hand man when construction and renovations take place. Not only is he a skilled handyman, he is also an exceptional cook in our kitchen.

Keeper of Huan Soontaree and Junior Chef

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P' Oi is Huan Soontaree's spearhead of the frontline. She looks after all of guest's needs and makes sure everyone is having a good time. P' Oi brings 5 star proffessionalism and big smiles to our team and guests.

Floor Manager


Jee is the most service minded and dedicated waiter at Huan Soontaree. She is a senior member of the waiting staff and has been with the Huan Soontaree family for over 10 years now.

Head Waiter


Wood is essentially a 'man of the people'. He looks after our team's personal and proffessional matters. An all round team player and a really nice guy too.

Human Resources

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Head Bartender


Head Waiter